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Our Philippine pineapples!


pineappleEven our friend Christopher Columbus when he landed for the 2nd time in the Caribbean in 1493, he preferred the pineapple of all the fruits there. When he came back to Europe with them the pineapples became a symbol of great wealth. The Europeans however were not able to grow them correctly until somewhere in the 1600’s 😊. The pineapples that were brought with the long voyage back, almost all rotted in the conditions of those days. SO the few left over that were miraculously still good became very fashionable and expensive gifts!

Times have changed! We got state of the art logistics nowadays, nice cooled containers. Everything in place to bring you the best fresh fruit from all over the world.

Personally we have a long lasting relationship already for many years with the Philippines. So since we are bringing fruit to China and South East Asia already from just about all continents, why not the Philippines?

The Philippines has an abundance of nice fruits. They have perfect growing conditions for all kinds of super sweet fruits that are oh so tasty… The pineapples are no exception to this!

We have been working intensively with the local growers. Finding the best spots to plant and harvest in the beautiful mountains and fields of the Philippines. The preparation work that we did was really enjoyable. Cannot call it work really. It is an absolute pleasure. All the men and women that are involved to hand pick the best varieties and have them properly sorted for you. Good sizing and nice color. And…. Super Sweet. That is why we call our premium product Sweet Pinoy! When you taste these pineapples you can taste the sweet hospitable character of the Philippines.
Don’t take our word for it. Just do it! 😊





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